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Ok, so I ordered some Floss Gloss polish a little while ago, and I’ve been super excited for it because of this (EDIT: so the links aren’t working so just google xojane floss gloss and it’s the first link) article. I got an email from Janine & Aretha apologizing for a slight delay in shipping as they were both away and they’re the ones who take care of everything and that they’d pop in an extra because they were so sorry for the wait. Which to begin with was sweet & lovely & awesome because y’know, free stuff and that totally means they are wise and lovely people.

They finally reached ol’ Aus/my house today, and they’d popped in a free base coat which is the coolest & makes me super happy, and they even popped in a personal message and a sweet sticker (I’m not even a sticker person but I’m trying to find something to stick it on because it’s cool). The message also mentioned they will be stocked by the Super Rad Nail Sisters (Floss Gloss isn’t on the site yet, and I’m hoping I read it correctly but it totally looks like it will be) which are Melbourne based so that is also awesome.

And finally onto the product itself. I bought Wavepool (blue), Fastlane (bright dark orange/orange-red), Bikini Coral (bright orange) & the Top Coat. I have on Fastlane, which is a colour I have been searching for for a LONG time, a bright, orange red, more on the orange side yet can still be seen as a red.


  • Super pigmented, like, really super pigmented. The picture above is one coat. ONE. It’s so super pigmented, and this I really like, that it dries matte.
  • It dries matte. I really like this, mainly because it makes it really easy to see when it dries, and also, if you don’t wanna get a matte top coat it means you don’t need to because it’s matte. Duh.
  • It dries super fast. Which is always good. Always. But it really does dry unbelievably fast.
  • Good brush. It is up there with a slightly wider brush, but not too wide that it goes everywhere, and it’s a little longer so it actually reaches the bottom of the bottle (unlike O.P.I…..). Some people aren’t into a slightly longer brush but I dig this one.
  • The packaging is THE CUTEST. It’s all gold and pretty and it’s very clear that they’ve really put thought into the entire concept of this brand. The logo is great and the packaging is different and cute.
  • The colour range is super interesting. They state in the xojane article that they didn’t make a red because you can get a million reds in a million different brands, and it’s so true. You can see in the actual colour range that all of these colours have been thoroughly thought about and decided upon, and they’re all really unique. I am obsessive about colour and I really appreciate that it seems the same way for this company too. I’m painfully specific, and these colours are too.
  • It’s cheap! Except for the shipping, that’s $25, however the polish itself is only $8 so like, awesome. And I mean, it’s coming from America and they’re brand new.


  • The packaging could be bigger. However, it’s a brand new company, I totally get that it’s hard to do all that stuff, and it’s not super pricey anyway so really, it’s NBD. Though I hope in the future they can pull a Butter London and make larger sized top & base coats.

But basically it’s awesome, if you can’t tell. Clearly I can’t give a full review just yet only because I’ve had it on for a few hours so it depends on how well it wears, however I kinda doubt after how it’s gone so far that it will be bad. I’ll let you know if it does chip or whatever though. But basically I’m gonna buy more, and I’m sooo gonna get on the Con Limon bandwagon, and I hope they do super well and we get more stockists in Melbourne!!


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